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Finding a better way has been our way for a long time.

This family owned and operated business started with one man and a dream back in 1922. And we’ve kept it going to this day by always looking at things in a new way. From the expansion of plywood after World War II to today’s revolutionary Mass Ply, even how we grow and harvest our wood, we’ve never been one to sit still with the status quo. You’ll always find us pushing forward for what’s next and what’s best—because innovation is our tradition.

Our Roots

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Mass Ply Products: The Wood of the Future

Mass Ply Panel (MPP) is a patented, massive, large scale, structural composite lumber based panel designed as an alternative to Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). Mass timber products have been used in Europe for decades as a substitute for concrete construction, and are rising in popularity in multi-story construction in the United States. Mass Ply products are our contribution towards revolutionizing the construction industry, by providing renewable, engineered, pre-manufactured products for large scale projects.

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Industry Leader

Veneer and Plywood

Long before we manufactured plywood, we focused our energy and expertise to utilize as much a log as we could to produce the highest quality veneer possible. This built a reputation for quality that carried into our plywood products.

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Our Products

Born Among the Trees

We are certified by the American Tree Farm System (ATFS), a third-party accredited body that ensures that our products originate from sustainably-managed forests.

Our 17,000 acres of timberland are harvested on a sustained yield basis.

We operate a Zero Waste business, using 100% of every log that hits our yard.

We replant more than 1 million trees annually on private land and timber sale properties.

We abide by the Oregon Forest Practices Act and its environmental standards.

We built a Cogeneration plant in 2007. This plant, Evergreen BioPower, provides enough energy to power approximately 5,000 homes.

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Technical Resources

Whether you’re a contractor, architect, engineer, planner or someone who is just curious about our Mass Ply products, we’ve gathered all the info for you here.

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Careers at Freres

Hard Work Has Its Rewards

We provide living wage jobs and are inclusive to all. If you don’t mind working hard, sweating a bit, and all the benefits that come with that, we have a place for you. We welcome you to build the future with us.

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Take a Look Into Our History Of Innovation

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