Mass Ply

Learn about the advantages of these veneer-based mass timber products, exclusively patented by Freres in the U.S.

What Are Mass Ply Products?

Mass Ply products are patented, veneer-based, engineered wood products that provide superior performance characteristics over mass timber products such as CLT, Glulam beams, and solid sawn lumber. The building block of each Mass Ply Product is Freres Structural Composite Lumber (SCL), which consists of multiple layers of density-graded Douglas Fir veneers. These veneers are glued and pressed in a variety of combinations and orientations, and finally joined together to create 1” layers (called lamellas).

What are Mass Ply Products?
CLT -VS- Mass Ply

Mass Ply products are forging new ground in mid-to-high rise construction, replacing steel and concrete in buildings up to 18 stories tall.

Meyer-Beams And Panels
Mass Ply panels, beams, and columns

Mass ply Applications

The versatility and consistency of our SCL lamellas provide the ability to create engineered mass timber products in a wide array of applications such as wide-format panels, beam and column applications, and just about any industrial application utilizing heavy timbers. Each of these product lines – Mass Ply Panels, Mass Ply Lams, and Mass Ply Industrial are certified by the APA – The Engineered Wood Association.

Mass Ply Building Components