Green Veneer

Our main product by volume is veneer, which makes sense because it is utilized in every other primary product we manufacture. There isn’t a tree on the planet that provides the perfect veneer for the products that we make, so we use what we can and merchandize the rest. Our fiercest competitors can be our best customers, and if need be, we buy what we need back.

Douglas Fir

The vast majority of the veneer that we manufacture is Douglas Fir. We are blessed to live in the finest wood basket in the world, with Douglas Fir being the preeminent softwood species. It can’t be overstated that the superior qualities of the tree are exhibited in the superior quality of our product. Our preferred peel thicknesses in Douglas Fir are 1/10″ and 1/8″. Green veneer grades include CD, AB, Utility, and Natural (N) or High Density (HD)

White Fir Mix

White wood species are not segregated in our yard. The mix may contain White Fir, Noble Fir, Grand Fir, and Hemlock. These species are suitable for some sheathing grade plywood products, but are not utilized in our engineered wood products. Our preferred thicknesses are 0.125″, 0.142″, 0.150″, and 0.166″.

Dry Veneer

Freres dries wood products to customer specifications. Dry veneer grades include face grades as well as density grades using a Metriguard 2800 DME. Standard grades are listed below.


  • B Patch
  • Dime C Solid
  • Dime C
  • Nickel C
  • C
  • D
  • Center
  • Core

Density Grades

  • 415-G1 Setting
  • 450-G2 Setting
  • Custom setting on request

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