Every material has an environmental footprint, but choosing the right product — from the right company — can reduce the environmental impact of construction.

Sustainable Is Our Standard

Born among the trees, Freres Engineered Wood has maintained a steadfast commitment to sustainability for more than 100 years. Our renewable and recyclable wood products and responsible forest management practices all echo our deep love and respect for our natural resources. We understand that making wood products does not have to come at the expense of the environment. In fact, by choosing Freres products you can help protect and preserve the forests we love while using renewable products that reduce the impact of construction.

commodity Lumber


Learn why wood is the eco-conscious choice for constructing strong, sustainable buildings and how our innovative materials are taking the industry to new heights.

Replanting 2 crop


Learn how stewardship and energy efficiency drives every aspect of our business, from how we manage the timberland under our care to our manufacturing processes and facilities.

Mass Ply Lam


Learn about our growing suite of Mass Ply products and how we use every part of a log for a beneficial use — from energy and agricultural supplies to engineered wood products.


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