Freres doesn’t stop at crafting industry-leading engineered wood products — our use and sale of wood residuals ensures that no timber goes to waste.

Building Products

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Freres’ veneer products are made with a lathe that peels thin layers from logs as large as 48 inches or as small as 6 inches in diameter. This process reduces waste since more of the wood goes into the final product than cutting square lumber from round trees.

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Freres produces a wide range of PS1-23 certified commodity plywood panels from ⅜” to 1 ½” thick, in lengths up to 10 feet. Plywood grades also include Putty Touch Sand (PTS), underlayment, and all other sheathing products. Through our unique layup systems we can also produce Structural Composite Lumber products with ASTM D 5456 certified LVL grades. Custom veneer-based panels are available at customer request.

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Mass Ply

Freres’ Mass Ply Panels and Mass Ply Lams are patented, veneer-based, engineered wood products that serve as sustainable substitutes for traditional building materials like concrete and steel. Among many environmental benefits, Mass Ply products require less energy to produce, generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and offer a greater thermal performance.

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Freres produces lumber products out of the processed cores from veneer peeling and scrag logs from timber sales. Our lumber products are typically industrial grades, not dimensional lumber for residential construction.

Maximize leed points for your next building.

Mass Ply has the potential to maximize the points for your next LEED certified building. Mass Ply inherently aligns with the U.S Green Building Council’s (USBG) principles with its reduced energy capabilities and its environmental benefits. Freres is currently taking steps to ensure your LEED project gets the maximum points from the use of Mass Ply (See Life-Cycle Assessment).

Innovation in Action

Mass Ply: An Endeavor in Cross-Laminated Timber

Enter our own innovative product: Mass Ply. Get a behind-the-scenes look at what we put into every piece of our product and how it impacts the community and the world.

Mass Ply: The “Coolest Thing Made in Oregon”

We were incredibly humbled and grateful to accept the “Coolest Thing Made in Oregon” award for our Mass Ply product in 2023.

Residual Products

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Bark Dust, Chips, and Sawdust

Freres produces and sells residuals like bark dust, chips, and sawdust, which are used in a variety of markets such as residential construction, farms, and nurseries.

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Biomass Energy

Residual wood from manufacturing operations is burned to produce biomass energy, a renewable energy used as heat in manufacturing processes or to generate electricity. Steam-generated electricity from Freres’ cogeneration plant supplies the local utility with enough energy to power more than 5,000 households while also delivering heat for plant production processes.

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The production of biomass energy also creates a byproduct called biochar. This substance enhances soil and retains carbon, which helps climate-conscious companies decrease their carbon footprint. Freres is certified as a Carbon Removal Supplier through the marketplace for this product.

Please see our Life Cycle Assessment for a detailed examination of the CO2 sequestration of our biochar product.


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