Freres Lumber, Lever Architecture Partner in Mass Ply Lounge Display at 2019 Mass Timber Conference

July 8, 2019

Representatives from Freres Lumber attended the 2019 International Mass Timber Conference, showcasing our new Mass Ply product in an elaborate exhibit designed by Lever Architecture.

2019 Mass Timber Conference

The 2019 Mass Timber Conference
More than 1,500 industry professionals from 28 countries attended the three-day conference. They came to Portland, Oregon to explore new wood products and hear industry experts speak about the latest news and trends happening in our industry.

2019 Mass Timber Conference

Freres Lumber Exhibits Mass Ply
This year we pulled out all the stops for the conference, with a lounge area designed by Portland-based Lever Architecture that showcased the beauty and versatility of Mass Ply.

2019 Mass Timber Conference

The open pyramid construction allowed people to walk through the structure and examine the many stunning design possibilities Mass Ply offers.

2019 Mass Timber Conference

Exploring the Timber Market’s Possibilities
The timber industry has historically been one of Oregon’s most important economic drivers. The Mass Timber Conference offers attendees the opportunity to discuss the future of the industry and its importance in the global marketplace. We discussed the opportunities and obstacles facing our industry in global manufacturing and construction and we learn first-hand about new products, while offering our own up for scrutiny.

2019 Mass Timber Conference

The International Mass Timber Conference
The International Mass Timber Conference brings together cross-laminated timber and other mass timber experts from around the world. Freres Lumber Company attends this event year after year to gain knowledge, network, and find inspiration as we share updates about our own Mass Ply Panel.


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