Exploring Creative Uses for Freres Lumber’s New Mass Ply Product at Adidas Headquarters in Portland, OR

May 20, 2019

Since its inception in December of 2017, customers have found creative uses for Freres Lumber’s new Mass Ply product. K&E Excavating is no exception.

Mass Ply Panel’s Role in the Project

At the end of 2018, K&E took delivery of several trucks’ worth of our Mass Ply Panels. These 12-foot-wide by 48-foot-long by 2-inch-thick panels were put into place as a wear-surface over the top level of a parking structure at the Adidas campus expansion project in NE Portland. That surface is protected by a weather barrier that is to remain in place during construction. The Freres Mass Ply panels protect the weather barrier but also provide a working surface for additional parking, equipment storage and work area for the contractors involved in the project.

creative uses for Freres Lumber’s new Mass Ply product

Tested by Weather, Mass Ply Proves to be a Strong Product

The panels have been in place for six months now, through the heart of an exceedingly wet winter. Jason Snook, project superintendent with K&E, is very happy with the performance of the material. He mentioned that a large section of the panel-covered area remained in standing water for multiple days several times in January and February with little or no effect on the panels. The freezing temperatures that followed the rains had no ill-effect, either. And, if this year’s unseasonably hot weather is a precursor for months to come, the panels’ durability will be proven fully capable of withstanding the full gamut of Mother Nature’s fury.

Considering the rough weather and the daily wear of pick-up trucks, forklifts, telehandlers and work boots, the mats are holding up quite well.

creative uses for Freres Lumber’s new Mass Ply product

The Mass Ply panels K&E has in place are the largest Freres can currently manufacture in terms of width and length. The manufacturing facility boasts of a 12’ Weinmann bridge CNC that allows for custom manufacturing of nearly any panel according to the customer specification including pick point, edge profile and so on.

creative uses for Freres Lumber’s new Mass Ply product

As an added bonus, the second shipment to K&E was made on our new extendable low-boy trailer. The new trailer allows us to ship 12’ wide panels vertically to expedite shipment without requiring an over-width permit.

When the job calls for a mass panel that can handle the rigors of the toughest job site, Freres Lumber’s Mass Ply Panels are second to none.

Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz, Plywood Sales


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