Freres Lumber Representatives Attend The Mass Timber Conference

April 21, 2016

Freres Lumber Company representatives attended the Mass Timber Conference held in Portland, Oregon on March 22nd through March 24th. There are several buildings currently being built in Portland that showcase the use of wood as the most environmentally beneficial and atheistically pleasing alternative to concrete and steel. Here are some of the innovative building techniques displayed we saw at the conference that incorporated a large amount of wood products in the structures.

Mass Timber Con

2 x 6 lumber stacked on edge for floor, glue laminated lumber beams

Mass Timber Conference

CLT manufactured by DR Johnson used as exposed ceiling/ floor.

Mass Timber Conference

Innovative CLT exterior assembly with window profile and aluminum.

Mass Timber Conference

Suspended floor system on a concrete coated lumber floor.

Mass Timber Conference

Douglas Fir seating resting area.


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