Job Listings


Millwrights repair, maintain, and perform preventative maintenance on veneer and plywood machinery and are responsible for the maintenance of the mill and processes during a shift

Job Title
Plywood and Veneer Manufacturing
Report To
Maintenance Supervisor
Eight to Nine-hour shifts
Wage Range
$22.53 - $31.68

Essential Functions

  • Install, repair and maintain machinery and mechanical equipment such as engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems or other production machines and equipment.
  • Examine machines for defects in operation.
  • Dismantle devices and replace defective parts using hoists, cranes, and tools as needed. Install special attachments or parts and adjust equipment to insure efficient operation.
  • May manufacture replacement parts in an emergency or dismantle and move machinery and heavy equipment as requested. Repair and maintain machinery and mechanical equipment: including motors, pneumatic s, hydraulics, conveyors, and other mill equipment.
  • Troubleshoot the cause of downtime events, determine course of action, and carry out repair to return equipment to effective and safe operating condition.
  • Lubricate and clean parts, perform maintenance planning, layout work, and weld as required.

Other Responsibilities

Responsibilities are not limited to the above mentioned and may include assisting other branches within reasonable and related tasks.

Physical Demands

  • Lifting and moving heavy objects is routine.
  • Work in extreme temperatures, in dusty and noisy conditions, work from heights, and in confined/restricted areas.
  • Work eight to nine-hour shifts, five days per week, weekends, holidays and maintenance “downtime” periods.


  • High school diploma or GED: Five years in a similar industrial environment.
  • Experienced in job planning, machine center alignment, cutting/welding, bearings pneumatic/lubrication analysis and vibration analysis.
  • Ability to install machinery according to layout plans, blue prints, and other drawings, and whistle chasing; able to perform labor-intensive work.
  • Be proficient in the use of hand and power tools as well as precision measuring and testing equipment: experienced with hydraulic, pneumatic, and conveyor systems.


In addition to competitive pay for our jobs, we provide our full-time employees many other forms of compensation and benefits of employment such as: medical, dental, life and disability insurances, a Section 125 (flexible spending account) plan, periodic bonuses based on profits, vacations, holidays, profit sharing and 401(k) benefits

Our Company

Freres Engineered Wood Products, formerly Freres Lumber Co., Inc. was established in 1922 in the Santiam Canyon of Oregon. We are a family-owned and operated wood products manufacturing business headquartered in Lyons, Oregon. Now in its third generation, family management continues to build on the success of past generations.

We operate six processing plants, including a small log veneer plant, large log veneer plant, veneer drying facility, plywood plant, mass ply plant and stud mill in addition to having our own fleet of trucks and a cogeneration facility. We are dedicated to reinvesting in our modern manufacturing facilities, providing high-quality wood products, and providing family wage jobs within our communities. We specialize in creating the highest quality wood products, from raw log to finished products, including: hog fuel, bark fines, chips, shavings, specialty veneer, grade lumber, high-quality sheathing grade plywood, MPP and even electricity.

Our passion for continuous improvement aligned with our innovative approach to manufacturing has led us to develop and become the sole producer of a unique, patented wood product, the Mass Ply Panel. If you have growth mindset and a continuous-improvement attitude, you’re probably a great fit for our team!