Oregon Trucking Businesses Sue the State of Oregon over Unconstitutional Overpayment of Weight Mile Taxes

For decades, Oregon trucking companies, the vast majority of which are small, family-owned businesses, have paid far more than their fair share of transportation taxes. By 2025, the trucking industry is expected to have overpaid by half a billion dollars. Trucking companies in Oregon simply cannot sustain paying the highest transportation taxes of any state in the country any longer.

Oregonians deserve safe roads, and Freres Engineered Wood is willing to pay our fair share – as required by Oregon’s constitution — as long as Oregon Department of Transportation keeps up its side of the agreement. But, to date, major road improvements have not been completed, road maintenance has been delayed, and our roads are less safe for passenger vehicles and trucks. Meanwhile, trucking companies are forced to pass astronomical tax rates on to consumers, who end up paying more for household goods.

Oregon Trucking Tax Reform

Trucks play a critical role in moving goods to communities and families in Oregon, and it’s long past time that the legislature addresses this inequity. In 2023, the trucking industry will overpay by 16% according to the state’s own Highway Cost Allocation study.

Oregon is the last state in the country to collect taxes based on weight and miles. All other states collect fuel taxes to fund roads.

It’s overdue for Oregon to eliminate the administrative cost of collecting weight mile taxes and move to a fairer fuel tax.

If you are able, consider contributing to the Oregon Trucking Association’s Legal Fund. And stay tuned! In the event a bill surfaces in the short session, we will ask you to make calls and write letters to your legislators. 


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