The Dogs of Freres Lumber Company

June 19, 2017

Ever since our business began nearly a hundred years ago, our canine pals have been a constant presence at Freres Lumber Company. In honor of National Bring Your Pet to Work Day on June 23rd, we want to share our canine family with you with a few photos.

Kyle Freres, Vice President, with his two dogs, Chase, age 3, and Lewis, age 10. Both are rescue dogs of mixed breeds.
Vice President Tyler Freres with Rudy, a Rhodesian mix adopted from the Willamette Valley Humane Society by Tyler’s family.
Ron Borish, a Freres forester, and his Australian Shepard Rosie, love spending time outside together. She believes she’s the luckiest dog in the world when she joins him on hikes together and on the job at our logging camps, as shed did in this photo taken at our Camp 6 timber sale.
Pauline Porter loves her two beautiful Boxers, six-year-old Zoey (left) and her active 5-month-old Winnie (right).
Bob Maeda, plywood sales, and his two-year-old rescue, Yuki.
Curtis Steckler with Ziggy and Khalua, his two-year-old German Shepherds.
Kim Fredricks from our Lyons office and her pure bred Border Collie, Ellie
Aaron Hutchinson and his two friendly Boxers.
Mark Kemp, a Freres forester, loves Dobermans so much he has three! Reka (left) is 10 and the mother of 4-year-old of Hetty (right), and 13-month-old Lira (center). Three generations! Amazing!
Renee Park loves her two dogs, Steve on the left and Jack, a Blue Healer on the right. They look right at home on the side-by-side!
Freres Timber Manager Todd Parker takes his dog Roxie along with him while he’s out touring the company timber.
Freres Lumber Company
Here’s Roxie on the job, standing guard for AL Ward, Ron Ziglinski and Steve Galbraith.

We love getting to know all our four-legged friends! Check out the Freres Lumber Company Facebook page to see more of the great times we spend with our extended family, and if you are a Freres employee or contractor and want to submit a picture of you with your dog email us a photo at


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