The Power of Tape Composed Veneer in Plywood

Have you ever wondered about the tape on your plywood? We are proud to be at the forefront of this innovative solution, and want to share the reasons behind the rise of tape composed veneer.

Our overall goal at Freres Engineered Wood is to create a higher quality product with fewer people in much more automated roles, while also increasing capacity through our facilities to ultimately lower panel costs for our customers.

Tape composed veneer marks a turning point for engineered panel markets. This innovation allows us to maximize yield from the wood resource, improve manufacturing efficiency and improve bond performance.

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Three Driving Forces

The market’s shift towards tape composed veneer can be attributed to three factors:

  1. Taming Log Costs: In the current marketplace, one of the biggest challenges is optimizing the use of high-cost wood fiber. We’re committed to achieving this by crafting top-tier CDX panels with fewer human resources involved, relying on advanced automation. Our ultimate aim? Enhancing our facility’s capacity and, in turn, reducing panel costs for our valued customers.
  2. Battling Labor Shortages: Labor shortages are a stark reality across various industries. By harnessing the power of tape composed veneer, we’re addressing this issue head-on. With more automated roles, we’re not only ensuring the efficient production of higher-quality CDX panels but also lightening the labor load by making back-breaking jobs easier and more attractive.
  3. Maximizing Wood Recovery: Waste not, want not. Tape composed veneer allows us to extract every possible ounce of value from our wood resources. It’s a game-changer that not only boosts manufacturing efficiency but also elevates bond performance by automatically checking veneer thickness tolerances, ensuring our panels meet the most stringent quality standards.

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Key Highlights

PS 1 Compatibility: Composed veneer with tape and/or string seamlessly aligns with the PS 1 standards, assuring adherence to industry benchmarks.

Performance Prowess: The presence of tape on the veneer doesn’t compromise panel performance. In CDX sheathing applications, where other materials often cover the panel, the tape’s presence is inconspicuous and harmless.

Grade Flexibility: Whether it’s C grade faces or D grade backs on a CDX panel, tape can be utilized on both sides, offering versatility without compromising quality.

Industry-Leading Suppliers: Two major equipment suppliers, Raute and Meinan, are at the forefront of promoting face veneer composers that utilize tape. This widespread industry support underscores the reliability and significance of this technology.

A Glimpse into the Future

As pioneers in adopting tape composed veneer, we’re excited about the boundless possibilities it offers. This innovation will help us harness resources more efficiently, enhance productivity, and uphold unwavering quality standards.

In an ever-evolving industry, tape composed veneer is our ace in the hole. It helps us conquer challenges and deliver premium products to our customers. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to blaze the trail in engineered wood products.


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