Peak Builders Ranks Freres Engineered Wood “10 Out of 10”


Aptly named the Rainbow Trout Project, this Wilson, WY jewel is located on one of the most pristine creeks in the breathtaking Jackson Hole valley. Surrounded by the peaks of the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, and three popular ski resorts, the area is teaming with wildlife and natural attractions.

Building in the Jackson Valley has its challenges. While the summers are relatively dry, contractors battle the heavy winter snow and wet springs. According to custom home builder John Jennings, CEO of Peak Builders Inc., keeping new construction sites dry in the rainy season and installing roofs ahead of the dumping snow is paramount.

Trout House CaseStudy 4With snow falling an average of nine months each year, Peak Builders must take advantage of short periods of time to install the walls and roofs of the homes they build in order to combat the weather. As such, the builder has perfected a quick and efficient roof and wall installation system using Freres’ Mass Ply Panels, which keep his sites dry while improving their schedules and helping them build with greater efficiency.

“Mass Ply is remarkable to work with,” said Jennings. “This is the third house we’ve built in the area using Freres’ Mass Ply, and I will use it every chance I get. Plus, Freres is fabulous to work with. I would give them a 10 out of 10 as a partner.”

The Rainbow Trout Project entailed building a guest house and garage designed with flat, slightly slanted “shed roofs.” Mass Ply was the perfect choice for this implementation. “With Peak Builders’ precise framing and how true the Mass Ply roof panels are, we installed each roof in only four hours,” said Jennings.

Trout House CaseStudy 3
Mass Ply roof installation nearly completed.

Living in an area surrounded by nature, Jennings isn’t a huge fan of steel. With more glass in homes today, more steel is required. Additionally, steel has to be used to meet earthquake codes, handle wind conditions, snow loads and more. For Jennings, another key benefit to Freres’ Mass Ply is Peak Builders’ ability to use their beams to construct larger overhangs with thinner eaves and thinner facia lines without the need for any steel support.

“A regular rafter system makes big thick lines,” said Jennings. “We have to consider having up to five feet of snow on our roofs when we build. With Mass Ply, we can construct larger eaves with an attractive thin line that can also handle our snow loads.”

As a custom home builder in the Jackson Hole valley for nearly 30 years, Peak Builders is excited to be using Freres’ Mass Ply and loved watching Mass Ply being installed. It is a great solution for the local climate and improves their efficiencies.

We think the Mass Plys are fantastic, and the installation was flawless.
Doug Ballinger, homeowner

Trout House CaseStudy 2

Download a PDF of the Rainbow Trout Project Case Study

Project Summary


In Jackson Hole valley, exposure to the elements is a constant challenge for builders. With a very short window of time to complete the key structural elements necessary to keep sites dry during the build cycle, Peak Builders needed to find a way to quickly install the wall and roof elements of a new guest house and garage at its Rainbow Trout Project construction site.


Peak Builders used Freres’ Mass Ply Panels to quickly build the guest house and garage roofs, while leveraging the strength of Freres’ Mass Ply Lam beams to create a more aesthetically attractive exterior.


With Mass Ply, the Rainbow Trout guest house and garage roofs were each installed in just four hours. MPL beams allowed for larger overhangs with thinner eaves and fascia than other materials on the market, without requiring any steel reinforcement. The Mass Ply roof design and installation process Peak Builders implemented is ideal for keeping sites dry during construction in Jackson Hole valley’s unique climate.



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Jan. 2021

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