Freres Wood at the 2022 Mass Timber Conference

The 2022 Mass Timber Conference was a success! We were happy to see everyone in-person again, and to provide the Lounge made from our Mass Ply product.

Our Sales Engineer, Austin Basl, designed the Lounge a couple years ago. It was constructed by Kauffman Construction in Salem, but was put in storage when the 2019 Conference was cancelled due to COVID-19. We were thrilled to bring it out of storage for this year’s conference.


In this photo, you see Senator Jeff Merkley and Rob Freres conversing at our ping pong table made of Mass Ply by Heritage Woodcraft in Salem, taken just after they played a quick round.
Find a few more of our favorite moments captured below. We can’t wait for next year!

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In this photo, left to right are our employees Cody Beairsto, Jason Pilgrim, Allan Czinger with U.S. National Resources, and Andrew Hess.


Andrew Hess and Kyle Freres attending a team “meeting” at Fogo de Chao in downtown Portland.


Spending time at the Lounge at the Mass Timber Conference.


Playing ping pong at the Lounge at the Mass Timber Conference.


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