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An Mass Ply Modern Prefab A-Frame

A Prefab A-Frame at the Foot of Washington’s Slopes Lists for $746K

Grab your skis—this two-bedroom cabin is less than two miles from the Summit at Snoqualmie (and only 28 miles from Seattle).

Whether you fancy the slopes, adore A-frames, or are a prefab fanatic, this 1,721-square-foot cabin is bound to get your attention. Set in Snoqualmie, Washington, just a mile from Hyak Sno-Park, the modern prefab was built earlier this year by Mark Rylant of Buildhouse.

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Beware of falsely labeled Brazilian wood panels that fail quality, performance standards

It is clear to U.S. panel manufacturers that there was a concerted effort to defraud American consumers by misrepresenting imported panels as equivalent to domestic panels.

Freres Lumber Co. has joined nine other U.S. plywood producers as the “U.S. Structural Plywood Integrity Coalition” to file a Lanham Act claim of false labeling against three U.S. certification agencies: PFS TECO, Timber Products Inspection and International Accreditation Service.

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Freres Lumber Moving Logs

US Plywood Producers Claim Certifiers Giving Imports a Pass

Ten domestic plywood producers have banded together as the “U.S. Structural Plywood Integrity Coalition” to file a Lanham Act claim of false labeling against three U.S. certification agencies: PFS TECO, Timber Products Inspection, and International Accreditation Service.

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Sturdy, strong and sustainable: Oregon builders more frequently look to engineered wood for construction

Mass timber — also called engineered or composite wood — is increasingly popular in construction projects across the country, but especially in the Pacific Northwest.

For a growing crop of revolutionary constructions in Oregon, wood is the new steel.

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Commentary: Lumber company stands behind school bond

Our company, Freres Lumber Co., wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for the people who work for us. More than 450 employees strong, Freres Lumber relies on its community as much as the community relies on us. We care deeply about our employees, their families and the generations of Santiam Canyon families to come. We are strong supporters of the Santiam Canyon School District in Mill City, Ore., and its students.

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Coming Soon: Plyscrapers made from Mass Ply Panels

LYONS, Ore. — There are many ways to glue bits of wood together. Cross-Laminated Timber is the lumber du jour, and is often described as “plywood on steroids” but it isn’t plywood, it’s made from dimension lumber like 2x6s laminated together. Plywood has been made in the USA since the 1880s and Freres Lumber of Oregon has been making the stuff since 1959. It’s well-established technology that uses wood very efficiently, peeling it off logs as small as 5 inches in diameter.

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World’s first mass plywood panel approved for 18-story buildings

Located in Lyons, Oregon, Freres Lumber has been in business for nearly a century. After starting out producing standard lumber projects, the company moved into wood veneers some 60 years ago and in 1998 purchased a plywood plant. Now, it’s made another step: getting U.S. and Canadian patents on its mass plywood panel , the first veneer-based mass timber panel in the world, and fire approvals to build up to 18 stories high with the panel.

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Freres Lumber named to annual list of most innovative companies

LYONS, Ore. — Freres Lumber Co. has been named to Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019, ranking as the fifth on the Most Innovative Company List in the Urban Development/Real Estate category.

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