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Tips and Tricks for Nesting Mass Ply Lams Effectively

What is a Mass Ply Lam (MPL)? Mass Ply Panels can take many forms depending on the end use and...

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Complex Parts for the CNC

April 1, 2021 — We take our time when nesting complex parts for the CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine.

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Freres Lumber March Market Update: Commodity Panel Markets Surge Due to Limited Availability

March 22, 2021 — Commodity panel markets continue to surge due to limited availability, astounding all participants. It is...

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Remembering Milton Roten

March 15, 2021—We celebrate the life of Edwin Milton Roten, longtime Freres employee who passed away on January 14,...

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Freres Lumber March Market Report: Plywood, Veneer Prices Continue to Escalate Amid Global Market Conditions

Plywood and veneer prices continue an unrelenting climb higher. While we are a local wood products producer, plywood and...

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CNC Nesting Considerations

When nesting all items to be cut they must be set in an Mass Ply billet of material that...

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Freres Lumber February Market Update: Commodity Markets Press Higher

February 22, 2021 — The commodity lumber and panel markets continue to press higher over the last few weeks,...

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Double-T to a Tee

What is a Double-T Beam? Maybe you have seen these types of beams before. “I-shapes,” “box sections,” and many...

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Freres Lumber January Market Report: Plywood demand restored; supply struggles

February 10, 2021 — As we enter 2021, housing starts are anticipated to increase around 6.3%, according to RISI...

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