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Power Plant Operator Utility Trainee

Power Plant Utility Trainee will be required operate a 936 front-end loader, skid steer and forklift according to company training standards. Once the Power Plant Utility Trainee is fully trained, he/she must be capable of operating the lift truck in all jobs functions: front end loader, skid steer, forklift, etc. (50% - 60% of time)

The Power Plant Utility Trainee also is responsible for clean up of conveyors, roofs, ground area and more (40% - 50% of time)

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Electrician Journeyman

Construct, install, repair, maintain, and troubleshoot industrial electrical systems. Coordinates work with plant mechanical maintenance crews. Troubleshoots, advises, and implements plant solutions in coordination with plant management.

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Assistant Power Plant Operator

Assists the Power Plant Operator in ensuring the safe operation of high-pressure boilers and auxiliary equipment. Maintains a continuous watch of boilers and auxiliary equipment and takes readings hourly. Assists Operator with operational duties for the safe and efficient operation of the plant.

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Scarf Line Operator

The Scarf Line Operator reports to the MPP Plant Manager/ Shift Supervisor and be assigned primarily to a scarf line. The scarf process entails cutting a joint in a 4’x8’ laminated panel, applying glue, and pressing and curing the glued joint. Additional processes include sanding, cutting panels, and stacking. Positions will train on day shift, but ultimately move to swing shift.

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Millwrights repair, maintain, and perform preventative maintenance on veneer and plywood machinery and are responsible for the maintenance of the mill and processes during a shift

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Dryer Feeder

Employees may be trained to work in one or all the following titles : Dryer Feeder, Dryer Grader, or LUL Patcher. Utility P3 is an entry level position and on-the-job training is provided

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Green Veneer Offbearer

Grading veneer is fast, difficult work which requires pulling, sorting, and stacking green (wet) sheets of veneer according to quality for later use in the plywood and engineered wood manufacturing process.

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